How long does it take to ride a golf cart around Isla Mujeres?

For those of you who have never visited Isla Mujeres, the island is perfectly sized that a golf cart can easily go from one end to the other and back again in around two hours. You can probably do it quicker if you don’t stop anywhere.

How long does it take to drive around Isla Mujeres?

You can drive around the entire island in 30 minutes if you don’t stop, but what’s the point right? It was just to give you an idea of how small is the island. The rental companies are normally in town close to the ferry pier.

Do I need a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

On Isla Mujeres, all you need is a golf cart! Golf carts are a top form of transportation around this tiny Caribbean island, and visitors can easily rent them out to explore the culture, cuisine, and beauty packed into the beach-and-cliff coastline.

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How much does a golf cart rental cost on Isla Mujeres?

In general, the golf cart rental in Isla Mujeres costs around 300 Pesos per hour for a small cart .

How long should you spend at Isla Mujeres?

Although most people only come for a day trip, I would recommend spending one night here if you can. A full 24 hours will give you time to see the island in its entirety without having to rush.

Is Isla Mujeres a good day trip?

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful, lively, and affordable destination. And although it’s a perfect day trip, it’s also definitely worth spending more than a day here. If you do decide to stay longer, there’s a wide range of hotels, resorts, and rental apartments on the island.

Is Isla Mujeres better than Cancun?

If you want everything planned in one place with plenty of fun activities, Cancun fits the bill. If you’re looking for more serenity without the crowds, Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox makes a better destination.

Are there cars on Isla Mujeres?

Cars are allowed in Isla Mujeres and you can choose to take your own car there via a ferry. However, Punta Sam terminal in Cancun is the only terminal that’ll let you take your car there and you’ll have to be the only person (as the driver) to travel with the car.

How big is Isla Mujeres in miles?

The Turtle Dive at Punta Sur

Punta Sur is located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres where two currents meet. A constant powerful current and a depth of 35-50 feet makes Punta Sur the perfect place for mating turtles to find their counterpart.

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How much money should I take to Isla Mujeres?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Isla Mujeres is $1,663 for a solo traveler, $2,987 for a couple, and $5,599 for a family of 4. Isla Mujeres hotels range from $92 to $531 per night with an average of $157, while most vacation rentals will cost $120 to $440 per night for the entire home.

Is it safe to walk around Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres is a small friendly island that is very safe and any crime tends to be mostly crimes of opportunity. Don’t leave valuables unattended – for example, do not leave your camera or bag in a golf cart or on the beach unattended.

How long is the Ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres?

The Ferry to Isla Mujeres

The Gran Puerto Cancun (Ultramar) ferry dock is located in Puerto Juarez, a few minutes from downtown Cancun. The boats leave every half hour from 5:00 am until 9:30 pm and every hour after that. The crossing takes about 15 minutes.

What is Isla Mujeres known for?

Just 8 miles offshore from Cancun is the enchanting island of Isla Mujeres. Known for its pristine beaches, excellent snorkeling, laid back vibe, and delicious island cuisine, here are some of our favorite places to taste the island.

Is a week too long in Isla Mujeres?

With a little extra planning and venturing beyond the main Hotel Zone, a perfect week at the beach in Mexico is absolutely possible! … It’s not far by physical distance, but Isla Mujeres and Cancun are simply world’s apart.

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Is Isla Mujeres safe at night?

This is how women can stay calm here. We also suggest using the same level of awareness: don’t talk to strangers, don’t show money or jewelry, and even less walk the streets late at night. In conclusion, if we use our common sense as everywhere else, Isla Mujeres is safe.