Question: What causes high launch angle in golf?

Many factors affect launch angle, including swing speed, the angle of attack (how the clubface approaches the golf ball) and clubface position at impact. The loft of the golf club itself is the single biggest factor, of course.

Why is my launch angle so high?

#1 Stay Balanced. Losing your balance can quickly cause launch angle problems. If you keep your weight on your back foot during the downswing, the ball will typically launch higher than you would like. If you get stuck on your front foot before impact arrives, you will hit the ball lower than intended.

How do I lower my launch angle in golf?

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Why is my iron launch angle so high?

When we see that the launch angle and dynamic loft are too high with irons, it is a direct result of not compressing the ball. Ball position and not letting the handle lead the club head are direct causes of this issue. Also another large cause is the player trying to hit the ball with their hands.

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How do irons increase launch angle?

Tilt your spine slightly away from the target so that your head is behind the ball. All tour players tilt slightly behind the ball from approximately 2 degrees with short irons to a full 10 degrees or more for driving. This “up-hill lie” position should help you launch the ball higher.

What should my launch angle be for my driver?

According to Trackman, PGA Tour golfers have an average angle of attack (AoA) of -1.5° on a driver. For a -1.5° AoA and desired launch of 17°, the delivered loft at impact needs to be 20.25° in order to satisfy our 85% ball-flight laws.