Question: What is golf R32?

The Volkswagen Golf R32 (also known as the Volkswagen R32) is a hot hatch produced from 2003 to 2008. … Thanks to high demand, Volkswagen opted for full-scale production of the R32. The Mk5 R32 was the world’s first production car to provide an option for a direct shift gearbox (DSG) automatic transmission.

What’s Better Golf R or R32?

Golf R – The R model has a 2.0 litre tuned Turbo engine. It’s a newer model and is aimed more at performance as opposed to comfort. It’s notably a lot quicker than the R32. … It has a 2.0 litre turbo engine (like the R), however it’s designed for comfort as well as performance (like the R32).

What does R32 mean?

What’s R-32? R-32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact. Refrigerant is a medium for conveying heat. Air conditioners transfer heat while circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units.

Is the R32 faster than the GTI?

In terms of acceleration, there is a clear winner: the chipped GTI. The R32 managed the 0-to-60 mph sprint in 6.2 seconds, but the GTI cleared the same hurdle in only 6.0 – 0.2 seconds faster. That may not seem like a significant difference, but the front-wheel drive GTI is severely traction limited.

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When did they stop making R32?

We have some bad news for all you Volkswagen R32 fans out there: Thomas Wegehaupt, spokesman for Volkswagen, has informed us that there will be no U.S. version of the R32 for the 2009 model year.

What is the fastest golf?

New Volkswagen Golf R

New VW Golf R is the most powerful Golf ever made, trumping the outgoing model for pace and acceleration. 320 PS engine sends the R from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds.

Is R32 explosive?

Far from being extremely flammable and highly toxic, the new document, R32 – Common Questions, maintains that R32 is not explosive, is extremely difficult to ignite and is the least toxic of all the Class A (non toxic) refrigerants listed in ISO 817.

Does VW R32 have Turbo?

The new R32, powered by almost the same narrow-angle V6 engine, doesn’t have such an easy ride, because the Mark Five Golf GTI is probably the best fast hatchback you can buy. … But more enlightened souls will point to that pesky GTI and remind you that its 200 turbocharged bhp really is enough for most needs.

What pressure does R32 run at?

How efficient is R32? R32 has similar working pressure to R410A around 12-26 Bar (174-377 Psi), however R32 has better capability to exchange heat-load than R410A and delivers higher capacity than R410A making the systems more efficient.

Is Golf R32 a good car?

The R32 is very enjoyable to drive, although at 1,477kg, it’s a touch on the heavy side. Aside from its explosive straight-line performance, the reality is that the R32 isn’t much different to GTI, V5 or V6 4Motion versions of the Golf MkIV.

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Is R32 all-wheel-drive?

We all know that the R32/R33/R34 GT-R Skylines came with All Wheel Drive (AWD). This is part of what helped make these cars such incredibly strong performers on the track and on the road, helping to contribute to almost supernatural levels of grip.

Is the R32 Golf all-wheel-drive?

Realizing that there was a need to deliver a car that offered far more than the GTI could provide, the R32 was born. A potent all-wheel-drive monster that upped the game and pushed the Golf into a whole new realm.

What is the fastest GTI model?

That means, this special edition Golf GTI is the fastest model in the Golf line-up, with a top speed of 166mph. Like the Golf GTI Clubsport, the Clubsport 45 is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 296bhp and 400Nm of torque.

What is the difference between Golf GTI and R32?

The GTI is FWD and the R32 is AWD. The R32 suspension package is more performance oriented as well, and it has more power as it used the VR6 engine. The R32 is only available with the DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) transmission.