You asked: Can you bring your own golf cart to Bald Head Island?

Bald Head Island is only accessible via passenger ferry or private yacht. No passenger cars are allowed, the standard mode of transportation is golf cart, bicycle or tram. Below are some helpful information in navigating to the island.

What should I bring to Bald Head Island?

A first aid kit, bug spray and chapstick are also good things to pack. 3. Beach Toys – Would a beach vacation be complete without some toys? While kayaks and canoes are available to rent on Bald Head Island, you may want to bring things like surf boards, beach chairs or sand toys like shovels and buckets.

Can anyone go to Bald Head Island?

Because there are no cars allowed, visitors get to explore the island by either walking, on a golf cart, or by bicycle. The Island is flat, so no big hills to worry about peddling about. If you only have a day we recommend a golf cart.

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Where do you park your car for Bald Head Island?

Parking Lots

The Premium Parking Lot and the General Parking Lot, owned and operated by Bald Head Island Limited, are both conveniently located directly across the street from the ferry terminal.

How much does it cost to take ferry to Bald Head Island?

Bald Head Island Ferry Tickets

Round-trip tickets cost $23.00 for adults, $12.00 for children ages 3-12. There is no charge for children ages two and younger but they still need a ticket. Tram service to your island destination may be provided based on ticket type and availability.

Can you bring alcohol to Bald Head Island?

The rules of the road for the State of North Carolina apply to the roads on Bald Head Island, regardless of the type of vehicle. This also includes no open alcohol containers and no driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Does Bald Head Island have a liquor store?

Bring liquor from home (If applicable)

While the Maritime Market has an extensive selection of wine and beer, they do not currently offer packaged liquor.

Is there a bridge to Bald Head Island?

Bald Head Island is a barrier island located about 3 miles across the Cape Fear River from Southport, North Carolina. There is no bridge to Bald Head Island. Almost everyone gets to Bald Head Island via ferry.

Can you take a day trip to Bald Head Island?

It’s luscious maritime forest, marshes, and pristine beaches make it a perfect place to explore for a day or the ultimate relaxation spot for a vacation! Whether you visit for the day or 14 days, you’ll find that Bald Head Island is one magical place and truly a hidden gem of North Carolina.

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Is there anything on Bald Head Island?

No matter your interest or age, there’s no shortage of things to do on Bald Head Island. Spend the day at the beach, golf, sail, paddleboard, surf, fish, climb Old Baldy Lighthouse or explore the island’s protected creeks and maritime forest! Volunteers are always welcome at the non-profit entities as well.

Do you need a reservation for Bald Head Island ferry?

Reservations made well in advance are highly recommended, as seats are limited. Tram reservations do not guarantee a seat on the ferry, so you should arrive at least 40 minutes in advance.

Can you walk to Bald Head Island?

Thanks to mother nature, you can now walk from Kure Beach to Bald Head Island, because Corncake Inlet filled in. But, with no way to get from the ocean to the river marshes, the fish population there died out. And that’s upset some local anglers.

Are dogs allowed on the Bald Head Island ferry?

Pets are allowed on the exterior areas of the ferries. Smoking and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere aboard the ferry. Upon arrival at the Bald Head Island ferry landing, you’ll disembark the ferry and follow the signs for tram assignments or golf cart rentals.

How old do you have to be to rent a golf cart on Bald Head Island?

Cart operators must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Bike rentals by the hour, day or week are available through two island outlets: Coastal Urge and Riverside Adventure Company.

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Can you drive on the beach from Fort Fisher to Bald Head Island?

Fort Fisher also has more than 3 miles of beach on which to drive and park. Crossover points give vehicle access to marsh — and birding and boating. Where the driving area ends, walkers can continue on to Bald Head Island, if they’d like.

How long is the Bald Head ferry?

Bald Head Island is located two nautical miles from Southport, NC. The island is a 20 minute passenger ferry ride from the mainland embarkation point of Deep Point Marina. The ferry leaves the mainland on the hour and leaves Bald Head Island on the half hour.