Best answer: What is the difference between GolfNow and Golf Pass?

GolfNow is an online booking service for tee times at golf courses, whilst GolfPass offers waived green fees and cancellation protection for GolfNow bookings nd $10 monthly tee time credits, with exclusive video, travel tips a dozen Taylor Made balls, and a free gift with a subscription.

How does the golf pass work?

GolfPass is the one membership that connects golfers to every aspect of the game. With exclusive video, $10 monthly tee time credits, world-class instruction, travel tips, credit at popular resorts and other benefits included. GolfPass combines the very best of golf into one convenient, affordable membership.

Is GolfNow worth subscription?

GolfNow is legit, and it is a very effective way to save money on greens fees. You can search local courses and even get some fantastic deals on last minute tee times. If you like to play at a variety of golf courses and are flexible about the times you play, GolfNow will help you get a great deal.

How much is a subscription to Golf Pass?

GolfPass will cost $9.99 per month or $99 per year. NBC Golf Channel’s venture with Rory McIlroy follows GolfTV’s content partnership with Tiger Woods, announced in November.

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What is golf pass perks?

GolfPass+ benefits include waived convenience fees, cancellation protection and $10 monthly anytime tee time credits – that’s $120 a year to go play golf any time, any day you want. Plus, all the great benefits of GolfPass Video such as on-demand lessons, access to all originals like The Conor Moore Show and Ask Rory.

Can you watch golf on GolfPass?

A: and the GolfPass mobile/tablet application offer live streaming content in the U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland for LIVE coverage of select golf programming. Events are not available in all countries for every event.

What is the correct tee height for driver?

From a poll of GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers, the ideal tee height is about 1.5 inches for driver. A good checkpoint is that half the ball “peeks” above the crown after you sole the club at address. For a 3-wood, peg it about half an inch and just a quarter inch with an iron.

What’s the best tee time app?

Trusted by over 3 million golfers, the GOLFNOW App is the best way to book amazing deals on tee times at thousands of golf courses. Free golf GPS and golf rangefinder, scorekeeping and post-game analysis included.

How do GolfNow hot deals work?

When golfers earn 100 rewards points, they will automatically receive a GolfNow Rewards promo code good for $10 off a “Hot Deals” tee time. The Rewards promo code will be automatically issued to the golfer within 24 hours from the date it was earned.

Is tee off and GolfNow the same?

GolfNow was already the biggest online tee time agency in the golf industry. … Meanwhile, the merger of GolfNow and TeeOff – the two biggest third-party booking engines in the game – gives NBC Sports Group control of a vast majority of the online tee time inventory.

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How much does GolfNow VIP cost?

Play more golf with your $10 anytime monthly tee time credit – that’s $120 a year. Play any time, any day you want, and choose from thousands of GolfNow Hot Deals.

What is NBC GolfPass?

GolfPass, which was developed in partnership between McIlroy and NBC Sports Group, is a direct-to-consumer subscription program that offers more opportunities to play golf, comprehensive tools to improve your game and high-quality video content.

How do I contact GolfPass?

To speak directly with a specialist using our GolfPass or GolfPass+ member support line, please call 1-833-465-3847.

How do I call GolfNow?

Need Assistance?

  1. Contact details. Call us at (800) 767-3574. Available 8AM – 5PM (EST), 7 days a week.
  2. Online form. Please fill out the form to the right (or below if on mobile) and one of our GolfNow team members will be in touch.