Frequent question: How do you hold a wet golf club?

Does it matter if golf clubs get wet?

Never put your golf clubs away when wet

Be wary of storing your golf clubs when wet. Wet golf clubs tend to promote the growth of rust on the shaft of your clubs. To prevent this from happening, always remember to dry them off before storing them away for safekeeping.

How do you keep your golf clubs dry in the rain?

–Keep your club covered as much as possible with a towel or umbrella. You can keep a towel dry by tucking it up into the underpinning of an opened-up umbrella. –Put another dry hand towel in the base of your bag. It will absorb extra moisture off your grips, so when you pull a club, its grip will be dry.

Should you club up in the rain?

When it gets wet and rainy, I recommend clubbing up. A wet ball reacts very differently than when it’s warm and dry outside. A wet golf ball carries moisture and doesn’t travel nearly as far. Plus, it’s probably cold which makes the air heavier and also limits the ball flight.

Can you play golf right after rain?

Golf is one of the few sports that can be played when it is raining. According to the USGA*, there is no rule to say you cannot play in the rain only when the weather causes imminent danger, such as a lightning strike. You can play golf in a downpour, and you can still have fun!

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Can you golf after it rains?

Golf courses can become seriously damaged when they are played in poor weather conditions. Most of the time, if there is going to be significant rain for the remainder of the day, then the golf course will close.

Do people still golf in rain?

Contrary to popular opinion, golf courses and golf tournaments do NOT shut down or suspend play because of rain. Some of the reasons they DO is because of: Lightning. A strike within a certain distance, which varies by venue but is at least a few miles.

Does wet ground affect golf ball distance?

Wet Ground

The wetter the ground, the less amount the ball rolls. This is perhaps most noticeable with drives; a lot of driving yardage is lost when the ball doesn’t roll so far. If the ground gets really wet, it can cause golf balls to plug and not roll at all. This happens more frequently with high-trajectory shots.

How does wet ground affect golf?

In fact, wet ground makes the ball run slower in general. Grip further down on a club (about as much as you feel like you’re sinking) to promote solid contact on wet ground – when the ground is wet, you can sink whilst trying to take your shot and affect the way you play golf in wet weather.