Frequent question: Should I wear sunglasses when golfing?

Whether you wear sunglasses or not while playing golf comes down to personal preference – there is no right or wrong answer. Some players find they play better when wearing sunglasses, while other players feel they perform better on the course without them.

Should I wear sunglasses playing golf?

Golfers do not wear sunglasses because it can change their depth perception and make it difficult to make consistent contact with the golf ball. Professional golfers often wear a hat so that they can block some of the glare that they are getting when they play. …

Do pro golfers use sunglasses?

The majority of Pro golfers do not wear sunglasses. The reason is that they simply never have, and the best condition to get used to golfing with sunglasses is to start wearing them in your youth. … Choose polarized golf sunglasses with a high nanometer rating, which effectively block UV rays.

Why should you not wear polarized sunglasses to play golf?

Polarized lenses can affect depth perception, change the way you track the ball, and induce eye strain when you’re tilting your head back and forth. Another flaw has to do with the anti-glare property. A lot of golfers use the shine that comes off the green to figure out the lay of the grain.

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What color sunglasses are good for golf?

Brown. When it comes to golf lenses, contrast is the name of the game. Colors such as amber and brown are great lens tints for golf sunglasses. Each of these colors heightens contrast, making them very effective when you’re on the fairways and reading the green.

What kind of sunglasses are best for golf?

Best Golf Sunglasses for 2019

  1. Nike Golf X2 Pro E Sunglasses. …
  2. Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses. …
  3. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses. …
  4. Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses. …
  5. Duduma Polarized Sport Sunglasses. …
  6. Smith Optics Choice Sunglasses. …
  7. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses.

Why do most pro golfers not wear sunglasses?

Many golfers don’t wear sunglasses because they believe it hinders their golf game, causing difficulties with depth perception and contrast. Having precise vision is considered more important than dealing with bright sunlight during a golfer’s swing. … A lot of new generation golfers are beginning to wear sunglasses.

Did Phil Mickelson lose a lot of weight?

No one beats Father Time, but Phil Mickelson has shown how to extend the match. Phil Mickelson has robbed you of your last excuse. The man has gone from cheeseburgers to fasting, dropped 30 pounds and beaten back time and arthritis with a pressed bet on the 18th hole.

Do pro golfers wear polarized sunglasses?

This is mainly because polarized lenses have a tendency to hinder the depth perception. Hence, many golfers prefer to go without the polarized lenses. At the same time there are many of them who put on the polarized lenses when golfing; it is just that they might opt out their sunglasses.

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Do you want polarized glasses for golf?

Polarized lenses are mainly designed to reduce glare when you’re on the water. … But that level of glare reduction can make it hard to read greens when you’re playing golf. In an ideal world, you’d have a polarized pair for fishing and a non-polarized pair for golf, says Cyle Cadam, Electric’s director of golf.

Are polarized or non-polarized sunglasses better?

Non-polarized lenses treat all sunlight equally and reduce the overall intensity. This offers protection for the eyes but will not tackle shimmer and sparkle if you’re around water, snow, or glass. Polarized sunglasses also filter ambient light but go further by canceling out bright reflected light.

What sunglasses are Phil Mickelson wearing?

A few people have speculated that Phil uses Uswing Green Reader sunglasses. Uswing is a small Chinese company that sells sunglasses in China and Taiwan and their Green Reader sunglasses is specially designed for golf. It is said that the 50-year-old found them while playing in the Macau Open in 2019.

Are blue sunglasses good for golf?

Blue. Blue is a color you’re better off without on the golf course unless you’re a spectator. Blue lenses will block glare and protect your eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. They’re also great for foggy or misty mornings.

Are orange lenses good for golf?

Copper and Related Tints

Lenses with copper, dark amber, brown and cinnamon tones heighten contrast and visual acuity. They are recommended for golfers because they improve contrast on grass as well as against blue skies, so you can follow the ball in the air and enjoy sharp contrasts on fairways and greens.

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What color polarized lenses are best?

What’s the Best Polarized Lens Color for Driving? This often comes down to personal preference, but the best lens color options for driving are usually gray or amber. Gray is generally better for bright, hazy, sunny conditions. Amber is often better for cloudy, overcast days and rain.