Frequent question: What state has the most Frisbee golf courses?

Texas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have the most courses overall. As of February 2020, there are 6,652 known disc golf courses in the United States on the official PDGA Course Directory.

Where is disc golf most popular?

Conclusion & Full Rankings

Rank State People Per Course
1 Iowa 9,988
2 North Dakota 10,191
3 Kansas 10,528
4 South Dakota 10,713

Which city has the most disc golf courses?

Of course, some cities are home to more disc golf courses than others. In 2020, Boise, ID had the greatest density with 4.6 disc golf courses per 10,000 residents.

How many disc golf courses are in Hawaii?

38 locations / 38 courses in Hawaii.

How many disc golf courses are there in Maine?

65 locations / 77 courses in Maine.

Which US state has the most golf courses per capita?

North Dakota has the most per capita, but that doesn’t mean everyone will have the same access. North Dakota only might have a golf course for every 5,468 people, they only have one course for every 561 square miles. That puts them in 42nd place in that regard, so you may have to drive quite a bit to get to a course.

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What US city has the most golf courses per capita?

#1. Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL

  • Golf courses and country club establishments per 100,000 people: 17.9.
  • Establishments located in metro: 69.
  • Metro population: 384,902.

Is there a disc golf course in Hawaii?

Updated for 2020: There is 1 public disc golf course on Oahu, one pay to play course, and 2 courses on Military bases. The public course is called Kupuohi, and is located at Kupuohi Neighborhood Park, in Waipahu. … See the Statewide Course Directory and Local Links page to other disc golf clubs in Hawaii.