Your question: Whats it like to work at top golf?

topgolf is a pretty fun place to work at, the money is great (especially in the summer). you get to meet a ton of new people and make new friends. work environment is great for the most part.

What is it like working for Topgolf?

great place to work

I enjoyed my time working here, the management was friendly and the employees were great to work with. People are very understanding and will work with you. The benefits are really great too if you enjoy playing at top golf and like the food.

Is working at Topgolf good?

How satisfied are employees working at Topgolf? 71% of Topgolf employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. Employees also rated Topgolf 3.4 out of 5 for work life balance, 4 for culture and values and 3.7 for career opportunities.

How much does a Topgolf employee make?

Topgolf Salaries

Job Title Salary
Guest Services salaries – 95 salaries reported $11/hr
Golf Services salaries – 57 salaries reported $10/hr
Bayhost salaries – 56 salaries reported $6/hr
Team Lead salaries – 45 salaries reported $17/hr
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Do you make good money at Topgolf?

Regular serving is great, really good money. Only thing is that Topgolf has started to care more about making money than caring for its associates. Management can be lazy at times. … Overall, decent part time job but don’t work events.

How long are shifts at Topgolf?

8 hours until closing time. Closing time maybe additional hour or two.

What do I wear to a Topgolf interview?

Be Distinct in a Topgolf Interview

Be sure to wear something comfortable, yet professional.

Do Topgolf employees get tips?

They are ok with working with availability and can be flexible at times however they aren’t open to suggestions from employees at all. If your not a favorite good luck making it in this company.

Do bartenders at Topgolf make good money?

Average Topgolf Bartender hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.23, which meets the national average.

How much do Bayhosts make at Topgolf?

The typical Topgolf Bayhost/Server salary is $10 per hour. Bayhost/Server salaries at Topgolf can range from $2 – $22 per hour.

What does a Caddie do at Topgolf?

At Topgolf, Caddies support our best-in-class service with hospitality for our Guests. They are experts at the technical side of the job – delivering cold, freshly poured drinks to Guests by demonstrating outstanding energy and urgency and assisting the Bay Hosts as needed.

Does Topgolf drug test their employees?

Does Topgolf have a drug test policy? No unless you get injured on the job.

How much do caddies make at Topgolf?

The typical Topgolf Caddy salary is $10 per hour. Caddy salaries at Topgolf can range from $8 – $14 per hour.

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How old you have to be to work at Topgolf?

How old do you have to be to go here? Are there minimum age requirements for specific roles at Topgolf? 16 years old.