Best answer: How do you get rid of Carl Ingram with explosive golf ball?

Get a penthouse staff disguise and head into his study. When he sits down at the table and starts working, turn on the radio and hide. He’ll start shouting and get up to turn it off. Repeat this a couple of times, and he’ll blow a fuse, deciding to go to the terrace and play some golf.

How do you get rid of Carl Ingram with a golf ball?

Wait for Carl to start working again then turn on the radio. Now he’s really upset. Carl will then head out onto the terrace and begin to play some golf. The moment he hits the ball, it will instantly explode, killing him, and rewarding the player with the Angry Birdy challenge.

How do you use explosive golf balls?

When thrown, the ball will explode. Placing it, however, will not trigger an explosion. The ball is useful in completing the challenge, Tee Time, in assassinating Silvio Caruso with the golf ball. Upon Caruso hitting the ball with a golf club, the ball will explode and kill him.

How do you get a hitman golf ball to explode?

Near the golf set up you’ll see the Penthouse Terrace Ladder shortcut, so break it with your crowbar and you can climb down directly into the storage room to collect the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball. This also opens up the shortcut for all subsequent playthroughs, which is quite handy.

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How do you anger Carl Ingram?

To get Carl Ingram to go outside and play golf, you’re going to need to upset him. This can be done by using audio devices in his room and the study to hinder any work that he has been trying to accomplish. Simply make your way up to his room and then wait for him to arrive.

How do you electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant?

The Icarus Challenge asks you electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant using The Sun installation in the exhibit room. To do this, you need to use a Crowbar to open two Fuseboxes and take their Fuse Cells so you can put them in two different Fuseboxes.

How do you get Caruso to play golf?

In your safehouse, you can find an experimental explosive golf ball. Merely disguise yourself as a gardener or the golf instructor, and place the ball in the bucket filled with the others. Caruso will pick that explosive ball second, so just be patient and wait for him to “accidentally” explode.

Where is the maintenance scrub hitman?

Penthouse Ladder

Open the hatch next to the green and you’ll find a ladder that goes down to the maintenance room below–which one worker calls the “maintenance scrub.” This is actually the place to find the exploding golf ball, hidden behind the red toolbox in the corner.