Can I take golf clubs on Ryanair?

Ryanair accepts golf bags as checked baggage. Golf equipment may be carried in the hold of the aircraft in addition to your personal checked baggage allowance up to a limit of 20 kilos per item upon payment of a fee per item, depending on its size.

How much does it cost to take golf clubs on Ryanair?

Ryanair Baggage Fees

Online Price Post Booking/Airport
Large sports item €55 / £55 €65 / £65
Sports equipment €35 / £35 €40 / £40
Ski equipment €45 / £45 €50 / £50
Golf clubs €30 / £30 €40 / £40

Can you take golf clubs on a Ryanair flight?

Ryanair – Golf Clubs can be carried up to a limit of 20kg per item, upon payment of a discounted online fee, only at the time of booking, of £30/€30 per item, per one-way flight.

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How do I add golf clubs to my Ryanair flight?

To add sports equipment, scroll down to booking extras and select ‘Sports equipment. ‘ Select the equipment type from the drop down & the number of items as well as the number of sectors. If you will be checking in more than 1 type of equipment then click the plus sign & follow the same instructions as above.

Do airlines charge extra for golf bags?

There is no additional charge or oversized fee for golf bags as long as they are within weight limitations. A golf bag will count as one of your checked bags. Please note: all equipment should be packed in a hard-sided container.

Are Ryanair strict on cabin baggage?

Just how strict are Ryanair with hand luggage? … Ryanair are very strict and state that if you are permitted to take a small personal bag only, you’ll be limited to dimensions of 40cm x 25cm x 20xm. Your bag must fit in the sizer and so be easily stored underneath the seat in front of you.

What bags can you take on Ryanair?

You are allowed a single personal item, like a backpack, however, your Ryanair cabin bag can’t be larger than 25 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Customers with Priority tickets can bring one personal item and one piece of carry-on luggage that doesn’t weigh more than 10 kilograms and isn’t larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

How much does it cost to take your golf clubs on a plane?

Most US airlines charge $35 for a second bag, which is what your golf clubs usually are. Many charge much more, $75-$150, if you need to check a third bag.

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How much does it cost to take golf clubs on a plane UK?

Keeping with the theme of all the airlines, fees are charged per flight, so you can expect to pay £60 to take your golf clubs on a return flight (£30 each way).

How do you bring golf clubs on a plane?

Airlines and government agencies prohibit you from taking a single golf club on a plane as hand luggage as it could be used as a weapon. You will therefore have to check in your golf club with the rest of your checked luggage but remember to protect it properly.

Is it more expensive to add bags later Ryanair?

A higher baggage fee of €40 per person/per one way flight applies when checked bags are purchased after initial booking via My Booking, a Ryanair call centre or airport ticket desk.

Is Ryanair baggage allowance combined?

Customers can pool or share their purchased baggage allowance with other passengers included in the same flight reservation when checking-in together. For example, if a reservation has two checked bags of 20kg (40 kg in total) one of the bags could weigh 15kg and the other 25kg (40 kg in total).

Can I take my handbag as well as hand luggage on Ryanair?

You cannot take a handbag as well as hand luggage separately on a Ryanair flight free of charge. However, you could squeeze your handbag into your main bag whilst going through the gate!

Can I fly with golf clubs?

Most airlines treat golf clubs as standard luggage, meaning there’s a weight limit (usually 50 pounds) but no oversize baggage fee. If your clubs go missing, the carrier will replace them (just be prepared to deal with paperwork and, in all likelihood, long hold times on calls should you need additional assistance).

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Can you take golf tees on a plane?

Golf balls, golf tees, divot tools and golf spikes/cleats are allowed in your carry-on luggage. However, all golf clubs and putters must be checked with your airline.

Can you check golf clubs without a travel bag?

How do you travel with golf clubs without a bag? If you want to travel with golf clubs without a bag, you will have to pack them in another type of bag. However make sure to check the airline fees and limitations first, because so airlines will consider it an oversized bag.