How do you get Carl Ingram to golf?

To make Carl go play golf on the roof you will need to disrupt him while he’s working twice in a row. The problem is, Hitman 3 doesn’t really tell you how to do this unless you’re listening to the guards. That being said, you’ll need to first unlock the Explosive Golf Ball to even complete Angry Birdy.

How do you get the exploding golf ball in Hitman 3?

Near the golf set up you’ll see the Penthouse Terrace Ladder shortcut, so break it with your crowbar and you can climb down directly into the storage room to collect the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball. This also opens up the shortcut for all subsequent playthroughs, which is quite handy.

Where can I find Carl Ingram?

Wealthy, paranoid Carl Ingram is hiding out in a penthouse suite on the top level of the Sceptre building. Getting in there will be no easy task, as only penthouse guards, members of the cleaning staff, and Ingram’s personal security detail are allowed inside.

How do you annoy Carl Ingram?

Head into his room and wait there. He will be speaking into his recorder. From here, head outside and turn on the vacuum cleaner. The noise will annoy him and he’ll move downstairs to the study.

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How do I get from balcony to Carl Ingram?

The best way to accomplish this is to get to the end of the Bird of Prey Mission Story. After handing Carl the photo of the journalist, he’ll go to his desk. When he does, grab the Screwdriver under the TV and then head through to the side room and out onto the balcony.

How do you get Carl Ingram to lean on railings?

If you have the Screwdriver, investigate the railing on the right-hand side for a sabotage point that loosens a second on it. Either way, go to the other interact point to lean on the rail. When Ingram eventually joins you, he’ll lean on the rail.

What does Carl Ingram drink?

You need to bring a lethal poison item or pick up the pills from Zana Kazem at the start of the “Bird of Prey” mission story. Carl Ingram will drink from the whiskey glass in the penthouse’s living room.

How do you get Caruso in golf?

In your safehouse, you can find an experimental explosive golf ball. Merely disguise yourself as a gardener or the golf instructor, and place the ball in the bucket filled with the others. Caruso will pick that explosive ball second, so just be patient and wait for him to “accidentally” explode.

Where is the amputation knife hitman?

Despite being labeled as antique, it can be found in the emergency bay in Miami.

How do you get Carl Ingram to play gold?

Go up the stairs ahead of Carl and just outside the door to his room, there’s a Vacuum Cleaner. As he climbs the stairs and turns into the hall to face you, turn on the Vacuum Cleaner and move away. Carl then gets very upset and screams at his staff, before saying he will go to play golf.

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How do you electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant?

The Icarus Challenge asks you electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant using The Sun installation in the exhibit room. To do this, you need to use a Crowbar to open two Fuseboxes and take their Fuse Cells so you can put them in two different Fuseboxes.