How do you get Caruso to play golf?

How do you get Caruso in golf?

In your safehouse, you can find an experimental explosive golf ball. Merely disguise yourself as a gardener or the golf instructor, and place the ball in the bucket filled with the others. Caruso will pick that explosive ball second, so just be patient and wait for him to “accidentally” explode.

How do you get Silvio Caruso to church?

Leave your sniper in the sewer pickup spot and go ring the dinner bell in the mansion after getting silvio’s food ready. Run as fast as you can to the radio next to the bench in the back alleyway near the church with that guy sleeping and activate it.

Where is the dinner bell in hitman?

Dinner Bell is an interactable object available in the World of Assassination trilogy. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow mission. The Dinner Bell is located inside the Villa Caruso mansion grounds, right outside the kitchen building, which is the smaller north eastern house.

How do I get Francesca De Santis into the lab?

Listen to the monologue of your target and kill her. Hide her body in a chest and pick up a magnetic card that has been dropped by her. This will grant you an access to the lab.

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How do you fold down a Caruso chandelier?

Wait a short while for Caruso to arrive, and he should stand directly underneath the chandelier for a good bit, leaving an enormous window for you to drop the chandelier and eliminate him.

How do you poison Silvio Caruso food?

Approach the cooker and start preparing the sauce. After that, go outside and press the bell in front of the door to call Silvio. Close to the dish, there is a rat poison. Use it on the pot with the meal.

Where is the observatory in hitman?

Observatory Dome is an interactable object available in Hitman. It can be found in the World of Tomorrow episodic mission. The Observatory Dome is located inside the Observatory, which is the north western most building inside the Villa Caruso mansion grounds.

How do you annoy Carl Ingram?

Head into his room and wait there. He will be speaking into his recorder. From here, head outside and turn on the vacuum cleaner. The noise will annoy him and he’ll move downstairs to the study.

How do you unlock explosive golf ball?

The location of the explosive golf ball is a locked storage room in the Maintenance Corridor on Level 3. This location can be accessed by disguising Agent 47 as one of the staff members or Penthouse Guards. Once the explosive Golf Ball is obtained, the players have to then convince Carl Ingram to play some golf.

How do you use explosive golf balls?

When thrown, the ball will explode. Placing it, however, will not trigger an explosion. The ball is useful in completing the challenge, Tee Time, in assassinating Silvio Caruso with the golf ball. Upon Caruso hitting the ball with a golf club, the ball will explode and kill him.

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