How much can you resell golf balls for?

If the golf balls you sell are in decent condition, good enough for the driving range, Golfweek says you can get “5 to 15 cents per ball.” Although this may seem low at first when you are selling hundreds or thousands of balls, that 5 to 15 cents really adds up!

How can I sell my old golf balls?

Websites. An Internet search will reveal sites that buy used golf balls, but most of them require you to sell a minimum of several thousand balls. These sites include and Another site,, has no minimum and bases its pricing on the average market prices for the brand of ball.

Are old golf balls worth anything?

Because of the age and the craftsmanship put into these balls they are among the ones that have the highest price tag of collectible golf balls. These balls are referred to as antique, and goes for sums upwards of +$5000!

What golf balls are worth money?

Best Value Golf Balls

  • Srixon Distance Golf Ball. Our Pick. …
  • Callaway Supersoft golf ball. Best For Average Swing Speeds. …
  • Titleist TruFeel golf ball. Best Value For Performance. …
  • TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball. …
  • Callaway Warbird golf ball. …
  • Srixon Soft Feel golf ball. …
  • Vice Tour golf ball. …
  • Titleist Velocity golf ball.
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Are 20 year old golf balls still good?

So keep your balls in a cool, dry place and they will last for awhile. The golf ball researchers at Titleist state, “Today’s Titleist golf balls can be safely stored for five years or even more, as long as they are kept away from excessive heat. … Normal indoor conditions should be fine for storage.”

What is the rarest golf ball?

The Gutta Percha ball is one of the rarest golf balls in the world. They date back to the mid 1800s and are worth thousands of dollars.

What can you do with hundreds of golf balls?

Sell golf balls to refurbishers, golf course

Most companies that refurbish golf balls will only accept them in very large quantities. However, the website for Golf Gear USA says it will buy them by the hundreds. Save up your golf balls as long as you can, then send Golf Gear USA an email to see if they are interested.

How many balls are pro golfers allowed to carry?

How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag? Essentially, they can carry nine golf balls at a single time, but this isn’t some crazy rule. In truth, they can carry around as many as they want, or as many as their caddies are willing to carry.

What are rare golf balls?

10 Rarest Golf Balls Ever Played

  • Ping Golf Balls.
  • Haskell Bramble Pattern.
  • Triangle Mesh Golf Balls.
  • Square Mesh Burke GolfRite.
  • Martins Zodiac.
  • Worthington PGA.
  • Featheries.
  • Dunlop 65.
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Are expensive golf balls worth it?

Certainly, players will see no difference between a cheap ball and an expensive ball. If you can’t see or feel the difference, there is no reason to spend the extra money. Generally speaking, the better a golfer is, the more it makes sense to use a higher quality golf ball.

Why are golf balls so expensive?

The economics is simple, more layers mean more research, which means more money, and therefore a higher retail price. All golf balls start life as a core, made from a synthetic compound, and as a minimum also feature a cover. It’s the materials used in these which play some part in the price.

Is a 3 wood better than a driver?

For many golfers, a 3 wood will give overall better results than a driver and can be used regularly off the tee and even replace the driver. So a 3 wood is a valuable club that can give you the needed distance off the tee and is more versatile than a driver.

Does water ruin golf balls?

After just twelve hours in the water, the outermost layer of the golf ball allows water to enter into the ball. … But if golf balls sit in the water for longer periods of time, permanent damage will be the result. While invisible from the outside, this damage will clearly affect the driving distance off of the tee.

Do golf balls lose distance over time?

If even longer, permanent damage can occur to the golf ball. The primary effect will be losing driving distance. If a 2-piece ball spends about a week submerged under water it can lose nearly six yards of carry and roll. If it is underwater for three months it will lose about three more yards.

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