Question: How do you get a handicap on the Scottish golf app?

Today we are introducing a new Course Look Up Feature that allows users of the Scottish Golf App to check what their Course Handicap will be at any golf club in Scotland. To do this, simply click the ‘Course Look Up’ button on your App home-screen and use the search function to look up a course.

How do I add a handicap to my Scottish Golf app?

Download the Scottish Golf App and login with your Scottish Golf login details. If you have not yet created these details, please register. 2. Once logged in, click on the HCI Handicap Index button in the top left to access the My Handicap section.

How do I get a Scottish Golf handicap?

Scottish golfers can now earn themselves an official handicap without having to join a club by signing up for OpenPlay, a platform launched by Scottish Golf. Available via the Scottish Golf App or the Scottish Golf Website, players that sign up will pay a subscription fee of £5.99 per month.

Does the Scottish Golf app work?

The Scottish Golf App is only functional on the iPhone and Android phones.

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What app do you use for a golf handicap?

USHandicap is the only app that tracks your golf game and your USGA Handicap® with GPS and StrackaLine. Easy-to-use USGA Handicap® service. Print your USGA Handicap® card online.

Does golf England app work in Scotland?

In Scotland and other countries across world, the administration system chosen to implement the same WHS calculation does vary in design. …

Can I get a golf handicap without joining a club?

Currently, only golfers that are members of affiliated golf clubs are able to access an official handicap, though the governing body confirmed in February that it will launch a platform where non-members can gain official handicaps.

How do I get my first golf handicap?

As of January 2020, you must submit three 18-holes scores to obtain a handicap index. This can be made from a combination of 9-hole and 18-hole rounds; the handicap index will be revised at the beginning and mid of every month (1st and 15th). This change requires that you submit only three 18-hole scores.

How do I get a new golf handicap?

For new golfers to gain their Handicap Index, they will have to submit a minimum of 54 holes (using any combination of 9 and 18 holes). Initially, their Handicap Index will be the lowest of the three rounds minus two strokes, this will continue to be built until the 20 scores are achieved.

Is there a world handicap system app?

New World Handicap System App Launched

The app, available now to download for free in Apple and Google Play stores, follows on from the official transition on 2 November to the new WHS for the 1,800 golf clubs and 630,000 golfers across England.

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Can you be a member at two golf clubs?

When a golfer transfers to a new golf club, their ID Number is transferred with them, along with their last held handicap and full handicap record. If a member has more than one club, they must nominate a Home Club.

How do I get my Congu handicap?

Your CDH ID can usually be found on your handicap certificate or if you contact your club/handicap secretary they should be able to tell you what your CDH number is.

How do I find my CDH Number Scotland?


Your number can be found on the reverse of your Scottish Golf Membership Card or by contacting your home club.