Should my back be straight when golfing?

Many amateur golfer will hunch over the golf ball with their back rounded rather than straight. In order to maintain your spine angle, your back has to be fairly straight at address and throughout the swing.

What is the correct golf posture?

The center of your upper spine, your knees, and balls of your feet should line up on top of each other. Your back knee should be slightly turned inward pointing at the target. Don’t bend at your waist – use your hips! You will feel your buttocks stick out slightly in the proper stance.

Is posture important in golf swing?

Good posture allows you to make good golf swings

They all look really good when they set up to the golf ball. … Being in the correct posture allows a golfer to be able to make the proper turn back and through the golf ball, and I always tell golfers that they want to be in an athletic position with their posture.

What is the correct spine angle for golf?

The correct spine angle is approximately a 30 degree forward bend at the hips while keeping your back as straight as possible. When you bend forward you should be able to visually imagine a vertical line through the feet, knees and shoulders. Too much or little bend will create a poor and unbalanced set up position.

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Should shoulders be back in golf swing?

If you let your shoulders round forward, you will put your back into flexion. This might feel comfortable and it might even feel athletic. But it will be wrong. It will destroy the base of your upper body (the shoulders), limit your flexibility on the backswing and cause other things to fall apart in the swing.

How important is spine tilt in the golf swing?

This tilted spine is essential to allow the body to turn properly while transferring weight onto your right side on the backswing. Without this rightward lean, you’re more likely to leave weight on the left side, or even tilt toward the target as the club goes back – a big no-no called a “reverse pivot.”

How much should you bend over in golf swing?

Spine Bend

Your body’s forward bend toward the ball is crucial. More important, however, is the amount of bend. Most amateurs bend over far too much; my recommendation is to err on the tall side. If a number must be assigned to the amount of forward bend, I’d use 25 degrees from vertical.