What degree should my golf driver be?

Anywhere between 8.5-10° will usually suffice. If you have a mid swing speed of 95-104 mph, a driver loft of between 10-11.5° will normally be a good starting point.

What is the best degree for a golf driver?

If it is between 105 and 115 mph, a loft between 7 and 9 degrees should be considered. Golfers with club-head speeds below 85 mph should use a loft angle between 14 and 20 degrees. For speeds of 130 mph and above, try a loft between 4 and 7 degrees.

What degree driver do pros use?

Professional golfers tend to play with a driver that has about 9.5 degrees of loft. Of course, there are some golfers who find 10.5 or 8.5 to be more effective, but you will generally see most players end up in the 9 to 9.5 range. The loft on the driver makes it easier to launch.

Which is better 9-degree or 10.5 degree driver?

9-degree drivers produce a lower trajectory and produce the best results with fast swing speeds that generate the spin needed to get maximum airtime. 10.5-degree drivers are suited to most golfers with an average swing speed that requires forgiveness and extra distance.

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Is 12 degree driver loft too much?

DOES THE 12 DEGREE DRIVER HAVE TOO MUCH LOFT. The 12 Degree loft driver may be considered by some to have too much loft. But they are not likely the right golfers for that type of club. 12 degrees is not unreasonable, considering that the average driver sits at 10.5 degrees in loft.

Who should use a 13 degree driver?

Swing Speed

Golfsmith suggests that golfers who swing between 110 and 120 miles per hour should use a driver with a loft of seven to 10 degrees. As the swing speed decreases by increments of 10, the loft on the driver should increase by one degree, so a golfer who swings at 90 mph should use a loft of 10 to 13 degrees.

What degree driver does Dustin Johnson use?

After long search, Dustin Johnson decides on driver ahead of BMW. Update, Wednesday, 5 p.m. ET: According to TaylorMade, Dustin Johnson will play a SIM2 MAX driver, with 10.5 degrees loft and a LA Golf shaft as he begins the BMW Championship on Thursday.

What degree driver does Tiger Woods use?

Based on in-hand photos of Woods’ new driver, it looks like the 9-degree Stealth Plus head is set 1.5 degrees open, which gives the club an effective loft of 8.25 degrees (opening the face decreases the loft).

Why does Dustin Johnson use a 10.5 degree driver?

He has opted for a 10.5 degree of loft with a Fujikura speeder 661 shaft. The idea behind the latest Taylormade SIM2 driver was to improve aerodynamics and at the same time providing a deep and lower center of gravity and more stability. Additionally, a carbon composite layer covers the entire sole.

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Who should use a 10.5 degree driver?

A 10.5-degree driver will be best for golfers who have a slower swing speed or don’t hit the ball on an upward attack angle. Average golfers typically hit downwards on the ball and they don’t have the fastest swing speed, and since that’s the case, a 10.5-degree driver is likely the choice.

Who should use an 8.5 degree driver?

Anywhere between 8.5-10° will usually suffice. If you have a mid swing speed of 95-104 mph, a driver loft of between 10-11.5° will normally be a good starting point.

Does a 9 degree driver go further?

Participants in our tests achieved more distance when they used drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft. In fact, swings often got the most distance with driver lofts at 9 degrees or less.

Who makes a 14 degree driver?

So much so, in fact, that TaylorMade is rolling out a 14-degree version of that driver. Toulon calls the move “unprecedented” and says that heretofore, no one has offered a driver with so much loft. “We had no idea when we launched SLDR that lofting up would make such a difference,” he explains.

Do pros use 10.5 degree driver?

Most professionals on the PGA golf tour are using a driver with a loft between 9 and 10.5. … Most golfers on the professional circuit have a very fast swing speed. These high swing speeds lead the players to need more decreased driver lofts.

What degree driver hits the farthest?

The low loft of a golf driver is very surprising from the perspective of physics. Everyone in freshman physics learns that the optimal launch angle for a projectile – the angle that makes a ball fly the farthest – is 45 degrees.

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