What does the C mean after my golf handicap?

A type C score is two nine-hole scores combined into an 18-hole score. The nine-hole scores are combined in the order in which they reach GHIN, and are posted with the date of the second nine.

What does C mean on my Ghin handicap?

Rules of Handicapping FAQs

A. Scores posted with a Competition, or “C” designation are not used any differently for the purposes of calculating a Handicap Index.

What does C mean on a golf scorecard?

c. Applying Handicaps in Handicap Match. d. Your Responsibilities in Match Play. 3.3.

What is the C next to golf handicap?

C=Combined Nines (two nine-hole scores combined into a single 18-hole score) H=Home (self-explanatory) I=Internet (a score posted other than at a golf course computer, including scga.org, ghin.com, your home PC, the mobile app)

What does the R mean after my handicap index?

The “R” next to your Handicap Index stands for reduction. … In this situation, your Handicap Index is being reduced because you are currently playing at a level not near the potential you have shown in the last year compared to your Tournament Scores.

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What handicap is a 110 golfer?

If you shoot 110, your handicap is probably going to be about 35. At some point, if your handicap gets high enough, the GHIN handicap system may max out your handicap. This is to keep the game fair for those that are trying to compete.

What is my handicap if I shoot 85?

What Is My Golf Handicap If I Shoot 85? If you play a par 72 course and shoot 85, you are probably around a 13 handicap.

What is Rule 3.3 C in golf?

In the regular form of stroke play (see Rule 3.3), all players compete with one another based on the total score – that is, adding up each player’s total number of strokes (including strokes made and penalty strokes) on each hole in all rounds.

How do you read a handicap scorecard?

To find his handicap for a round, a golfer locates on the scorecard the slope and course rating for the tees from which he played. The course rating is subtracted from the player’s score, which is then divided by 113 and multiplied by the slope for the tees played. The resulting number is the handicap for that round.

What does M after handicap mean?

M means that a Handicap has been modified by the Handicap Committee. A Handicap may be modified when the committee feels that a player’s handicap index is not reflecting their potential ability. … N stands for a nine-hole Handicap Index.

What is the L after my handicap?

L is for local handicap. A “local handicap” is either a handicap that is above the maximum USGA Handicap Index limit (36.4 for Men, 40.4 for Women), a handicap that is revised more frequently than allowed or a handicap based on a player’s temporary disability. … N stands for a nine-hole Handicap Index.

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What does WD mean on golf leaderboard?

A player notifies the CSGA staff and/or officials that, during a round, they are withdrawing due to medical reasons or family emergency will be listed as a WD with an injury and/or illness notation.

What does WD mean golf?

WD – Withdrawn: Many times a player will have to voluntarily withdraw from a round. When you WD a player, his/her scores will still show on the leaderboard and those scores will be used in other tournaments (if applicable) in that round.

What does E mean in handicap?

If you look in your scoring record you will likely see a score denoted with the letter E. This means that the score differential for that round was at least 7.0 strokes better than the Handicap Index in effect at the time the round was played.

What does M mean on a golf club?

“A” originally stood for “amateur.” The “M” stands for “mature” or “medium.” Also, of course, “S” is taken by “stiff.”