Where is the explosive golf ball in Sapienza?

It is located in the kitchen in the ICA Safehouse where 47 starts off, on a table equipped with chemistry equipment (in keeping with the level’s scientific theme) implying that 47 custom-made the device for this particular mission.

How do you get explosive golf ball in Sapienza?

In your safehouse, you can find an experimental explosive golf ball. Merely disguise yourself as a gardener or the golf instructor, and place the ball in the bucket filled with the others. Caruso will pick that explosive ball second, so just be patient and wait for him to “accidentally” explode.

Where can I buy explosive golf ball hitman?

Players will find the exploding golf ball on Level 3 of the building, in a locked storage room at the end of the Maintenance Corridor. To access this location without detection, players will want to disguise themselves as either Maintenance Staff or a Penthouse Guard.

Where is the Katana in Hitman Sapienza?

The Katana is in the attic, which can be reached via the roof of the observatory. Additionally, two new guards have been added to the mission.

How do you get Carl Ingram to hit the golf ball?

To get Carl Ingram to go outside and play golf, you’re going to need to upset him. This can be done by using audio devices in his room and the study to hinder any work that he has been trying to accomplish. Simply make your way up to his room and then wait for him to arrive.

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Where is Dubai explosive ball?

The Hitman 3 explosive golf ball is found inside a locked storage room, at the end of the Maintenance Corridor on Level 3, and there are two main routes to reach it.

Where is the maintenance scrub hitman?

Penthouse Ladder

Open the hatch next to the green and you’ll find a ladder that goes down to the maintenance room below–which one worker calls the “maintenance scrub.” This is actually the place to find the exploding golf ball, hidden behind the red toolbox in the corner.

How do you annoy Carl Ingram?

Head into his room and wait there. He will be speaking into his recorder. From here, head outside and turn on the vacuum cleaner. The noise will annoy him and he’ll move downstairs to the study.

How do you use explosive golf balls?

When thrown, the ball will explode. Placing it, however, will not trigger an explosion. The ball is useful in completing the challenge, Tee Time, in assassinating Silvio Caruso with the golf ball. Upon Caruso hitting the ball with a golf club, the ball will explode and kill him.