Your question: Why are Pro V1 golf balls so good?

The extra cost and higher compression rating make Pro V1 suited for better players with higher swing speeds. Lower compression balls will generate more distance and forgiveness for high handicaps.

Why are Pro V1 balls the best?

Designed for pros and high-level amateurs (single-digit handicaps), the ProV1 is designed to maximize short game control while delivering nearly the same driving length as balls in the “distance” category. It’s also much more durable than its balata-covered predecessors, which were prone to large cuts and scuffs.

Are Pro V1 golf balls worth it?

The Pro V1 is an elite golf ball. … The majority of other golf balls only have a two-layer construction, and that model makes the ball a lot harder and provides a lot less spin than the Titleist. For any golfer, that means the Pro V1 is an excellent golf ball to use to help you enhance your golf game.

Are Pro V1 hard to hit?

It’s one of the best all-around balls out there and should perform for all skill levels. Pro V1 has a higher compression rating and could be tough for beginners to hit consistently.

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Who should use Pro V1?

If you’re looking for a softer feel, especially in the short game department – select the Pro V1. If you normally hit a high ball off the tee and don’t mind launching a little lower, the Pro V1 is again the answer. However, the low-ball hitter will definitely benefit from the Pro V1x.

Will Pro V1 improve my game?

The Pro V1x differs slightly, mainly in the 332 count dimple design. The Pro V1x helps improve your game in the following ways: Low spin (less spin than the Pro V1) Increased velocity and consistent ball flight.

Do Pro V1 go further?


Taken together, these improvements deliver soaring flight and more speed with less spin – a perfect combination for longer distance off the tee and with the longer clubs. Click here to learn more about the distance gains you’ll experience with new Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Why are Titleist golf balls so expensive?

The reason they are so expensive is because they are 1) the highest quality golf ball and 2) Titleist has brand recognition that they have built over decades. There are many other balls in the same class as the Pro V1 that sell for the same price or maybe $1 cheaper.

Can old golf balls be recycled?

Like every other sports object, a golf ball has myriads of uses even when they are old and out of use. Since they cannot be recycled, the best option is to improvise ways of using them to prevent them from causing harm to the environment.

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Do golf balls make a difference for average golfers?

Yes, different golf balls do make a difference in how you play. An experienced golfer may be able to control any golf ball, depending on how long they’ve been playing, meaning the type of golf ball matters less and less with growing, active experience.

What swing speed is needed for Pro V1x?

Rick’s swing speed for this test averaged between 48 and 50 mph. Both the Pro V1 and Pro V1x produced an average ball speed of 50 to 50.5 mph as well as an average distance of 45 yards. The Pro V1x golf ball did spin a little bit more with an average spin rate of 6,751 rpm.

Are Pro V1 good for slow swing speed?

If you typically hit the ball lower, due to slower swing speeds or lower spin rates, then the ProV1x will be better for you out on the course. Now, these balls also come with some awesome new features that are pretty similar between both balls, including: Player Benefits: Longer Distance with Consistent Flight.

Is AVX better than Pro V1?

The Titleist AVX is a quality ball as you would expect from the leading ball company in golf. … For most players though, the Pro V1 is the choice to go for if you are looking for a softer feeling ball that does not spin too much and provides excellent control on and around the greens.